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What Is Depression? - American Psychiatric Association

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable.

Depression Types, Causes, Symptoms, Statistics, & Treatment

Being depressed feels like carrying a heavy burden, but you are not alone. Millions suffer from depression, one of the most common mental ...

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

Depression is a mood disorder that can impact a person's daily life. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger. Learn the causes ...

Depression (major depressive disorder) - Symptoms and ...

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and can interfere with your daily functioning.

What Is Depression? | Understanding Sadness and Clinical ...

WebMD explains the symptoms of depression in children, teens, and adults.

Depression Symptoms, Warning Signs, Types, and ... - WebMD

Learn more about the symptoms of depression, depression types, major depression chronic and atypical depression, and more.

Depression: Tests, symptoms, causes, and treatment

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood, a feeling of sadness, and a general loss of interest in things. Depression is not a short-term problem ...

Depression test | Depression and Anxiety

How often have you been bothered by feeling down, depressed, irritable, or hopeless over the last two weeks? NOT AT ALL; SEVERAL DAYS; MORE THAN ...

Clinical depression - Symptoms - NHS

Read about the symptoms of depression, which can be mild, moderate or severe. Symptoms can also be classed as psychological, physical and social.

What is depression - Beyond Blue

Depression is more than just a low mood – it's a serious mental health condition (mental illness) that has an impact on both physical and mental health.

Depression – symptoms, causes and treatment | NHS inform

Depression is a mental illness that affects around one in 10 people. Learn more about depression symptoms, causes and treatments, and living with the ...

NIMH Depression: What You Need To Know

This booklet contains information on depression (depressive disorder or clinical depression), including signs and symptoms, treatment and support options, and ...

NIMH Depression

Explore information about depression (also known as depressive disorder or clinical depression), including signs and symptoms, treatment, research and ...

Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs -

How to recognize the symptoms of depression and get effective help.

Depression (mood) - Wikipedia

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity. It can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, motivation, feelings, and sense of well-being. It may feature ...

Depression - World Health Organization

WHO fact sheet on depression providing key facts and information on types and symptoms, contributing factors, diagnosis and treatment, WHO ...

Depression | CAMH

Overview of depression, including types of depression, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

DEPRESSION | Định nghĩa trong Từ điển tiếng Anh Cambridge

depression nghĩa, định nghĩa, depression l g: 1. the state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future: 2. a mental illness in ...

Depression | Mental Health America

While the majority of individuals with depression have a full remission of the disorder with effective treatment,only about a third (35.3%) of those suffering from ...

Brain Stimulation Shows Promise in Treating Severe Depression

For more than a decade, doctors have been using brain-stimulating implants to treat severe depression in people who do not benefit from ...

depression | Definition, Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment ...

Depression, in psychology, a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life.

Depression | Anxiety and Depression Association of America ...

322 million people worldwide live with depression.* Our World Data. In 2014, around 15.7 million adults age 18 or older in the U.S. had experienced at least one ...

Words and Phrases That Signal Depression | The Healthy

We all say these things from time to time, but if you notice yourself or a loved one talking like this often, it could be signs of depression.

Depression: MedlinePlus

Depression is a serious medical illness. It's more than just a feeling of being sad or "blue" for a few days. If you are one of the more than 19 million teens and ...

Depression | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental ...

Explains depression, including possible causes and how you can access treatment and support. Includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends and ...

Depression |

Depression is not a normal part of being a woman. Most women, even those with the most severe depression, can get better with treatment.

Depression | Royal College of Psychiatrists

This webpage is for anyone who is, or has been depressed. We hope it will also be helpful for friends and relatives. It describes what depression feels like, some ...

Clinical depression - Symptoms -

Clinical depression is more than feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days. Most people go through periods of feeling down. When you have clinical depression ...

Online Depression Test, Test for Anxiety | THIS WAY UP

Take a test. To check your levels of stress, anxiety, or sadness you can use our anonymous Take a Test Tool. It will show you whether your feelings are within a ...

Depression | Depression Support | Depression Help Ireland ...

Aware provides information on depression, a very common condition which affects more than 450000 people in Ireland (one in ten) at any one time.

What causes depression? - Harvard Health

It's often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but that figure of speech doesn't capture how complex the disease is.

Depression Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment | Cleveland Clinic

Find out about depression from Cleveland Clinic. Learn about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Depression | HealthLink BC

Depression is a disease. It's not caused by personal weakness and is not a character flaw. When you have depression, there may be problems with activity ...

Depression Self Test - Black Dog Institute

A 10-question self-assessment tool for depression that may be of assistance, but should not replace the advice of a qualified health care provider.

The Hilarious World of Depression

A show about clinical depression… with laughs. ... Author and blogger Heather B. Armstrong ( was in, by far, the deepest depression she had ever ...

Depression - SANE Australia

What is depression? Clinical depression is an illness, a medical condition. It significantly affects the way someone feels, causing a persistent lower...

Depression | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Depressive disorder, frequently referred to simply as depression, is more than just feeling sad or going through a rough patch. It's a serious mental health ...

Hope for Depression | Facts & Research about Depression in ...

The Hope for Depression Research Foundation was created to fund the most advanced research on depression in the US. The research on depression is ...

Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Sub-Types - Verywell Mind

The symptoms of depression may be different in different people, however. So while one individual may struggle to get out of bed, someone ...

Depression | Here to Help

Depression, also known as clinical or major depression, is a mood disorder that will affect one in eight Canadians at some point in their lives. It changes the way ...

Depression | healthdirect

There's more to depression than 'the blues'. If you're sad for weeks, lack energy or no longer enjoy things you used to, you could be depressed.

Depression The Lowdown

It's normal to go through a rough patch. But depression is when the feelings last a really long time and get in ...

Quiz: Depression | Smokefree -

Take this quiz to find out if you're showing signs of depression.

GLAD Study: Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression Study

GENETIC LINKS TO ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION STUDY (GLAD). An exciting opportunity to get involved in the largest ever study of anxiety and depression.

Depression Statistics - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

(National Institute of Mental Health “Major Depression”, 2017); Major depressive disorder is more prevalent in women than in men. (Journal of the American ...

Depression – Institute of Mental Health

Everyone feels sad at some point or another. Depression, or feeling sad, is a normal emotion. We feel sad when we encounter disappointments in life – be it a ...

Depression | Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation has awarded more than $56 million to Depression Research since 1987.

Depression | Society | The Guardian

Reasons to Stay Alive review – striking staging of Matt Haig depression memoir. 3 out of 5 stars. Published: 19 Sep 2019. Reasons to Stay Alive review – striking ...

Depression & Sleep - National Sleep Foundation

Depression is a serious condition that can cause a loss of sleep. Discover proper treatment options and decision that can help you on National Sleep ...

Ideas about Depression - TED Talks

A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Depression.

Depression | Psychology Today

According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. Globally, more than 300 million people of all ages ...

Addicted to your smartphone? You could head straight to ...

A new study has proved that addiction to your smartphone can lead to depression and loneliness.

Depression - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Depression is the most common of the affective disorders seen by primary care physicians.1 Depending on the diagnostic criteria used, major depression and ...

What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

Depression. This section might be useful to you if you have depression or if you think you might have depression. It explains the causes, symptoms and ...

Living with depression: blogs and stories | Time To Change

The following blog posts are written by people with personal experience of depression. By talking openly, our bloggers hope to increase understanding around ...

Depression Treatment Information & Resources | Depression ..., raising awareness to overcome depression.

The future of rodent models in depression research | Nature ...

Currently, over 300 million people worldwide have depression, and the socioeconomic burden of this debilitating disorder is anticipated to ...

Depression - Young Minds

We all feel low or down at times but if your negative emotions last a long time or feel very severe, you may have depression. Find out more about this common, ...

Depression - Mental Health Ireland

Depression is a common mental disorder that causes people to experience depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, ...

Depression : National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Studies have suggested that clinical depression — the severest form of depression — is among the most common symptoms of MS. It is more common among ...

What is Depression? -

Contrary to some misconceptions, depression is neither inevitable nor is it a character flaw.1 People with depression often get these ideas because of the feeling ...

depressionの意味・使い方・読み方 | Weblio英和辞書

1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 - depression とは【意味】意気消沈,憂うつ... 【例文】nervous depression... 「depression」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書.

Depression - American Psychological Association

Depression is more than just sadness. People with depression may experience a lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities, significant weight loss or gain, ...

Depression | Cancer.Net

Listen to the Cancer.Net Podcast: Cancer and Depression, adapted from this content.Some people with cancer may experience depression before, during, ...

Depression - Lifeline

Depression is more than just feeling sad or low during tough times. People with depression can have intense negative feelings for weeks, months or even years, ...

Depression | Ministry of Health NZ

Depression is a mental illness where your mood is persistently low and you experience a loss of enjoyment in activities that you normally enjoy, ...

Depression in men - what are the symptons & how is it treated?

Visit MensLine Australia for support with depression. Understand the symptoms to look out for, how it is treated & how to help a mate.

Depression: Symptoms, Types & Treatments | Psych Central

A scientific guide to depression symptoms, resources, quizzes, and treatment information. Depression is a serious mental illness characterized ...

Talk with Your Doctor about Depression -

Depression is a serious illness. Share this resource to help people talk with a doctor about how they are feeling.

Depression - Teen Mental Health

Depression is different than feeling sad or down. It is a medical condition affecting the way mood is controlled by the brain. Someone with Depression can't just ...

What is depression? | ReachOut Australia

The word 'depression' gets thrown around a lot, but there's actually a lot more to this condition than many people realise. Get some information on depression ...

Depression in Children and Teens - AACAP

Children and teenagers also may have depression, as well.

Depression - BrainPOP

Depression is more than just feeling blue. Learn all about this common mood disorder and how it can be treated.

Anxiety and Depression in Children | CDC

Many children have fears and worries, and will feel sad and hopeless from time to time. Strong fears will appear at different times in ...

Symptoms of Depression - Depression Symptoms, Causes ...

Depression is likely to strike many people to some degree in their lifetime. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 9.1 percent of people ...

Depression | University Health Service - Uhs umich

Depression can be effectively treated. If you suffer from symptoms—even for a week—please consider getting help. You don't have to "go it alone!" And the ...

Depression | Psychiatric Times

The association between psychiatric disorders, most notably depression and anxiety, and pain is well established. However, mental health professionals, and ...

Depression - Mental Health Foundation

Depression can start at any age – from childhood through to old age. Most often it starts in the mid-20s, and it is more common in the 25 to 45-year-old age group ...

Depression | Health Information | Bupa UK

Further information about the symptoms, treatment and causes of depression. Symptoms include a continuous low mood and a loss of self-confidence.

Bipolar Depression Symptoms | Latuda (lurasidone HCl)

Bipolar depression is the depressive phase of a larger condition called “bipolar disorder.” It is a tough condition to diagnose. In fact, it could take up to 10 years ...

Depression Test | Screening 2 Supports - Mental Health America

Depression Test. Over the last 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems? Please note, all fields are required. 1. Little interest ...

Depression | Definition of Depression by Merriam-Webster

Depression definition is - an act of depressing or a state of being depressed: such as. How to use depression in a sentence.

MOODJUICE - Depression - Self-help Guide

If you experience symptoms of depression or low moods it is likely that you will recognise many of the feelings, physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviour ...

Depression & Depressive Disorders | Kelty Mental Health

Depression is a type of mood disorder. The main sign of depression is when a child or youth is sad or irritable for a few weeks or longer. Other signs and ...

Depression -

Depression is a medical illness resulting from one or more factors, including genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological causes.

Depression | Symptoms & Treatment | Military Veterans | Make ...

Learn the signs and symptoms of depression. Hear stories from other Veterans. Find treatment options for depression.

Travel - A 60,000-year-old cure for depression - BBC

In 2017, the World Health Organization published a study stating the total number of people living with depression in 2015 was estimated to ...

Depression | Alzheimer's Association

Depression is very common among people with Alzheimer's or other dementias – learn about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Depression | Medscape

Depression : Review in-depth clinical information, latest medical news, and guidelines on clinical depression including anxiety and mania, as well as depression ...

Depression and mental health - Diabetes Australia

Depression is a very real condition and is becoming increasingly common in the general population; approximately one in four people will experience ...

Depression - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Understanding that there are spiritual side effects from depression is important when Latter-day Saints or their loved ones face this challenge. woman behind ...

Depression - ULifeline

Depression is a medical condition that can affect a person's ability to work, study, interact with people or take care of themselves. Many of us have felt sad or ...

What is Depression – for Young People | headspace

Depression is an issue that affects many young people. Learn more about the effects of depression, mental health and how you can get help from headspace.

Mental Health | ADA - American Diabetes Association

And while it can feel good and empowering, out-of-control anger can be harmful to you and those around you—and it can lead to depression and stress. The key ...

Depression overview - NICE Pathways

Everything NICE has said on identifying, treating and managing depression in children, young people and adults in an interactive flowchart.

Severe Depression - People

Mom-to-be Shay Mitchell opened up about feeling isolated during her pregnancy, and her experience with "prepartum depression"

The Social Burden of Depression in Japan - The Globalist

Aside from the effects on health and on people's well-being, depression in Japan exacts a heavy economic toll on individuals, families and on ...

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