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Understanding Google Ads country restrictions

As a result, Google Ads isn't available to advertisers in the following countries or territories (with criterion ID):. Crimea (21120); Cuba (2192); Iran (2364)...


How do I exclude Iran from my campaign's location targeting

Go to Settings. Select Locations. Under Location options, select Target: People in your targeted locations. It will restrict ads to trigger only...exclude Iran as location - Google Ads CommunityHi, I'm from iran Can i earn money from Google ads from YouTube?Why my ads not showing in iran? - Google Ads CommunityCan't exclude IRAN from targeting. My ads are spending a lot on ...More results from


Ad Clicks from Iran? - Google Ads (Was AdWords) forum at ...

My campaigns target the USA and people that show interest in USA. AdWords ads do not show in Iran, so why am i getting clicks in Iran. AdWords...

Google Ads Country Restrictions Are Sometimes Misleading

As a result, Google Ads isn't available to advertisers in the following countries or territories: Crimea; Cuba; Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Syria. Not only can...

Why Is Google Ads Allowing Ads In Restricted Countries?

Jan 3, 2019 Google Shows Ads, But Won't Let Advertisers Exclude Crimea Cuba Iran North Korea Sudan Syria.

Dear Google: Allow US Advertisers To Exclude Sanctioned Countries

Sep 3, 2019 Earlier this year I wrote about how I noticed clicks from countries like Iran, Cuba, Syria, etc. that were under OFAC sanctions (meaning US...

Are You Checking “User Location” Reports in Google Ads? If Not ...

This is the same campaign, but now you're looking at Google Ads' (formerly AdWords) “User Location” report. ... Here's Google showing my ad in Iran:.

Why Can't I Exclude North Korea From My Google Ad Targeting?

Mar 4, 2019 The Mystery of Google Ads Serving in OFAC-Sanctioned Countries ... North Korea is an OFAC sanctioned country, just like Iran or Syria.

Excluding Iran from Adwords Campaigns - Web Applications Stack ...

However, the idea falls down because when adwords are talking about excluding countries, they are really talking about not rendering ads on particular...

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