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Download old version of package with NuGet - Stack Overflow

Selected your nuget server / source Find and select the nuget package your want to install an older version Uninstall current version Click...How can I install an older version of a package via NuGet?Installing older version of R package - Stack OverflowInstalling specific package versions with pip - Stack OverflowHow to install a previous exact version of a NPM package?More results from

Installing older versions of packages - RStudio Support

Sep 27, 2021 If you know the URL to the package version you need to install, you can install it from source via install.packages() directed to that URL. If...

Installing a specific version of a package using NuGet in Visual Studio

Apr 19, 2014 Open up the console via View | Other Windows | Package Manager Console Use the command. Install-Package [package name] -Version [package...

Install and manage NuGet packages using the console in Visual ...

Jan 25, 2021 Open the project/solution in Visual Studio, and open the console using the Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console command.Find and install a package Install a package Uninstall a package Find a package

install command (NuGet CLI) - Microsoft Docs

Jan 25, 2021 Installs the package to a folder named with only the package name and not the version number. -FallbackSource. (3.2+) A list of package sources...

Install an older version of an npm package -

Learn how to install an older version of an npm package, something that might be useful to solve a compatibility problem.

Pip Install Specific Version of a Python Package: 2 Steps - Erik Marsja

Sep 17, 2020 To install a specific version of a Python package you can use pip: pip install YourPackage==YourVersion . For example, if you want to install an...

NPM: Install Specific Version of a Package - Stack Abuse

Jan 29, 2020 With NPM we also have other options for specifying the version of a package. Using either a caret ( ^ ) or a tilde ( ~ ) we can specify the...

Using NPM To Install A Specific Version Of A Node.js Package

Feb 17, 2021 For npm install specific version, use npm install [package-name]@[version-number]. Use npm view [package-name] version to know the specific...

install_version: Install specific version of a package. in remotes

Sep 29, 2021 This function knows how to look in multiple CRAN-like package repositories, and in their archive directories, in order to find specific...

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