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Dutch language - Wikipedia

In Europe, Dutch is the majority language in the Netherlands (96%) and Belgium (59%) as well as a minority language in Germany and northern France's French...Name History Dialects Geographic distributionNative speakers: 25 million (2021); Total (L1 plus L2 speakers): 30 million (2021)Language family: Indo-European > Germanic > West Germanic > Low Franconian (Frankish) > DutchNative to: Netherlands and FlandersRegion: Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname; Additionally in Aruba, Curaao, Indonesia, Sint Maarten and French Flanders

Dutch vs. German: What's the Difference? - Fluent in 3 months

Only two “genders”. German has masculine, feminine, neuter. Dutch has common and neuter, where common simply corresponds to both masculine and feminine. If you...

20 Sep Dutch vs German: Differences Between the Two Languages

Sep 20, 2020 Dutch is a unique language with a lot of interesting features. It's most notable for being within the same language family as German but closely...

How Similar are German and Dutch? - YouTube

Dec 16, 2018 In this video I compare two closely related languages: German and Dutch, including vocabulary ...Duration: 19:37Posted: Dec 16, 2018


Dutch vs. German | How Similar Are Dutch and German Words?

Apr 24, 2020 How similar are Dutch and German? Here are forty words, read aloud by a native Dutch ...Duration: 4:12Posted: Apr 24, 2020


Should I Learn Dutch Or German? Or Both? In Which Order?

Sep 1, 2020 German and Dutch are both languages that are related to English, which means that you'll have an advantage when learning either language,...

Why Are People From The Netherlands Called Dutch?

Over time, English-speaking people used the word Dutch to describe people from both the Netherlands and Germany, and now just the Netherlands today.

How different are the Dutch and German languages? - Quora

Both German and Dutch are Germanic languages, particularly West Germanic languages. So, they are closely related to each other. Both German and Dutch languages...Do Dutch people understand German?Are the Dutch German in a way?Are Dutch and German people of same ancestry?As a native of English, should I learn Dutch or German first?More results from

How Did the Pennsylvania Dutch Get Their Name? - ThoughtCo

Sep 24, 2018 At that time "Dutch" was a broader term that meant what we today call Flemish, Dutch or German. The terms "High Dutch" (German) and "Low Dutch"...

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