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How do i find if variable k is element of an array? - MATLAB Answers

I have an array of 90x2 and may variable is 1x2. i want to set an if statment ... the desired end result is to check if any matrix row matches the variable.

check whether a number belongs to an array or not - MathWorks

i have created an array and i want to know that a whether a perticular number belongs to the array or not. is there any inbuild function for "belongs to" in...

check if the entries of an array exists in another array - MathWorks

I would like to check if a2 is present in a1. For a dingle entry, I could use find. I'm not sure how to check for all entries of "a2" at...

Problem 838. Check if number exists in vector - MathWorks

While evaluating the solution, the server encountered an error caused by temporary unavailability of MATLAB Service. Wait a few minutes for the MATLAB Service...

Check existence of variable, script, function, folder, or class

If name matches both a folder and a MATLAB function, exist returns 7 , identifying it as a folder. example.

Check if variable exists in workspace to plot variable, else generate ...

Check if variable exists in workspace to plot... Learn more about gui, error, check variable, exist, workspace, errordlg, if statement MATLAB.

finding if a variable exists - MATLAB Answers - MathWorks

I am running an if loop that creates a variable x. at a later stage if x exists I want to use to build other variables. is there any function that tells me...

How to check a number is in a array or not? - MATLAB Answers

Excuse me Sir,. For the same problem, if we don't know that the number is 5, how to code to get that the...

Check if expression contains particular subexpression - MATLAB has

The returned array contains logical 1s (true) where the elements of expr contain subexpr , and logical ... Check if these expressions contain variable z .

How can I check if a variable exists within another ... - MathWorks

Learn more about exist, matlab, variables MATLAB. ... I want to check if that temp variable contains a field called sig or a field called SI...

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