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Heel (professional wrestling) - Wikipedia

In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain, "bad guy" or "rulebreaker" and acts as an antagonist to the faces, who are the...


Heel - TV Tropes

A Heel is a bad guy in professional wrestling. He's a Hate Sink, existing to make the crowd angry and menace their favorites. They are typically the antagonist...Foreign Wrestling Heel Face Heel–Face Mole


What is the difference between a face, a heel and an antihero, with ...

The heel is the antihero/antagonist or the superstar/wrestler, who the fans 'boo' for. Wrestlers/superstars oscillate between being a heel or (baby) face by the...What does turning heel in wrestling mean? - QuoraIn professional wrestling, have there been heel characters ... - QuoraWhy are wrestlers in WWE called a “heel” or “face”? - QuoraWhat does it mean for a WWE star to be a heel? - QuoraMore results from www.quora.com


Heel - Pro Wrestling Wiki

In non-wrestling jargon, heels are often the "bad guys" in pro wrestling storylines. They are typically opposed by a face (crowd favorite). Some tweeners...Crazy heel Comic heel Egotistical heel Popular heel


Understanding Wrestling Terminology: A Casual Fan's Guide

This can also refer to someone who is fully heel as a character, but gets cheered anyway. Work: Anything that is scripted to happen. The exact opposite of a...


The Secret Language of Pro Wrestling, Decoded | Complex

Aug 18, 2016 Mark? Jobber? Heel? Over? These are the wrestling insider terms you need to know. ... The opposite of a mark is a “smark,” or smart mark.


Where did the term heel come from wrestling? - AnswersToAll

Apr 27, 2021 2 What is the opposite of a heel in wrestling? ... The term “heel” is most likely is derived from a slang usage of the word that first...


10 WWE Wrestlers That Never Had A Major Heel Run - TheSportster

Sep 5, 2020 While a babyface is loved by fans, a despicable heel can do the opposite by creating a nuclear heat. There are certain Superstars who are...


definition - Heel (professional wrestling) - Sensagent

In professional wrestling, a heel (also known as a rudo in Lucha libre) is a villain character. ... In non-wrestling jargon, heels are the "bad guys" in...


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