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What Is the Difference Between an Objective, Goal, and Outcome?

Objectives, Goals and Outcomes Every program should know where it is coming from (goals and objectives) and what it is trying to accomplish (outcomes).

Planning: Determining Your Project's Outcomes, Goals and Objectives

Jan 29, 2019 Goals are broad – describing success in general terms. Outcomes are more specific – describing the goal in measurable terms. Objectives are...

Project Objectives vs Deliverables vs Outcomes: projectmanagement

Jul 1, 2018 1 Objectives - Usually a high level milestone of the Project or the identification of the key points for success. 2 Deliverables - A small step...

Aims, objectives, outcomes, outputs- what's the difference? | LEAN

Objectives are how you are going to do this (the activity) ... Outcomes are the changes you will have caused due to the project. They will be written as if...

Goals, Outcomes and Objectives Defined

"Objectives are intended results of instruction. Outcomes are achieved (measured) results of what was learned. They describe significant and essential learning...

Objectives vs. Outcomes | Office of the Provost

Outcomes. Course Objectives vs. Student Learning Outcomes (table) ... Objectives focus on content and skills important within the classroom or program.

[PDF] How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes - American Association ...

Objectives are brief, clear statements that describe the desired learning outcomes of instruction; i.e., the specific skills, values, and attitudes students...

Application Components: Goals, Objectives, Outputs, and Outcomes

Goals: Overarching aims, generally not specific enough to measure. Objectives: Specific achievements that contribute towards reaching the goal(s). Outcomes:...

[PDF] Project Terminology - PMI Melbourne Chapter

Outputs, Deliverables, Outcomes, Objectives, Goals and Benefits. At the most basic level, projects undertake work to create value for the customer (or...

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