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Real-time computing - Wikipedia

A real-time system has been described as one which "controls an environment by receiving data, processing them, and returning the results sufficiently quickly...Criteria for real-time computing Real-time and high-performance Near real-time

Real-Time Application - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Real time applications need to initiate quick response actions within a specific time frame in the targeted domain. Unlike regular applications, real time big...

What are real time application? - Quora

A real time application is one for which timing is critical. While there is no exact definition of the minimum time a “real time” application must exhibit,...Node.js: Which is the best technology for real time application?What's the best database (sql or nosql) for building a Real-time ...What is NLP and its real time application? - QuoraMore results from

What are Real Time Apps? |

Feb 21, 2019 A real-time application (RTA) is an one that functions within a time frame that the user senses as immediate or very close to it. It goes...

What is a Real-time App and Why Does it Matter? | PubNub

At the core, real-time technology is the sending (publishing) and receiving (subscribing) of data “as it happens” in real life. Information or data is sent and...

JavaScript, WebSockets & How to Build Real-Time Applications

Oct 18, 2019 What is a Real Time Application (RTA)? Video conference applications VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) Online gaming Community storage...

Innovative Hybrid Cloud Business Solutions | Realtime Applications

Realtime Applications offers innovative hybrid solutions to digitally transform your business using cohesive portable apps without boundries in design,...

Applications of Real-time System - GeeksforGeeks

Apr 28, 2020 Real-time systems have enabled the whole world to connect via a medium across internet. These systems make the people connect with each other in...

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