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scanf Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Sanfoundry

scanf() is a predefined function in______header file. a) stdlib. h b) ctype. h c) stdio. h d) stdarg. h. View Answer.

C MCQ Questions - Standard Input & Output | Letsfindcourse

This section focuses on the "Printf And Scanf" of the C programming. These Multiple Choice Questions (mcq) should be practiced to improve the C programming...

Scanf - The Basics of C Programming - Computer | HowStuffWorks

The scanf function allows you to accept input from standard in, which for us is generally the keyboard. The scanf function can do a lot of different things,...Missing: mcq | Must include:mcq

250+ TOP MCQs on scanf and Answers - Engineering Interview ...

C Multiple Choice Questions & Answers on “scanf – 2”. ... Clarification: When the scanf() function completes reading all the data values, it returns number...

What is the use of printf() and scanf() functions? - Atnyla

printf(): The printf() function is used to print the integer, character, float and ... %c: It is a format specifier used to display a character value.

C Programming Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1 - MeritNotes

C Programming Mcq Online Test. Gate entrance exams C language model questions and answers pdf free download for ... The function scanf is used to ___.

Multiple choice menu program in C using the switch statement and ...

Instead of goto use a loop - while(option!='q'){ printf ("Enter: "); if(scanf (" %c", &option)==1){ // leave a space before %c and check...

Difference between scanf() and gets() in C - GeeksforGeeks

Feb 4, 2019 It is used to read the input until it encounters a whitespace, newline or End Of File(EOF). For example see the following code: Take a step-up...

C language MCQ (Multiple Choise Questions) - javatpoint

C language MCQ (Multiple Choise Questions) with Tutorial, C language with programming examples for ... 11) Why is a macro used in place of a function?

String In C MCQ: Multiple Choice Questions Strings - My Android

What is the Format specifier used to print a String or Character array in C Printf or Scanf function ?? A. %c. B. %C C. %s. D. %w.

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