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Visual Studio Comment Shortcuts: Efficiency Tips - SubMain.Blog()

Aug 23, 2019 The most basic shortcut for creating a comment is Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C. This, of course, is the default shortcut for Edit.CommentSelection, which can...


What is the shortcut to comment multiple lines with /* ... */ in Aptana ...

Press Ctrl + C.What key shortcuts are to comment and uncomment code?What is the keyboard shortcut for comments in IDLE? - Stack OverflowIs there a shortcut key to comment multiple lines in matlab editorShortcut key for commenting out lines of Python code in SpyderMore results from stackoverflow.com


What is the keyboard shortcut to add a comment on Microsoft Word?

Select the text you want to comment about Ctrl-Alt-M to create the comment (to start writing). When you're done hit ESC to close/save the comment.What's the shortcut to insert a comment in Excel? - QuoraHow can I comment on all the lines in the Python IDLE editor? - QuoraWhat is the shortcut to comment out multiple lines in Python? - QuoraMore results from www.quora.com


Word: Keyboard shortcut for adding a comment | CyberText Newsletter

Oct 27, 2011 It's Ctrl+Alt+M (that's intuitive… Not!) If you go looking for it yourself in the keyboard shortcuts list, you'll find it under InsertAnnotation...


Adding Comments - Eclipse

PDT allows you to quickly and easily comment and uncomment code by selecting a line or a block of text and tagging it as a comment. Comments can be added to...


Code Commenting - CodePen Blog

-- --> ). Unless there is no true line comment (vanilla HTML and CSS), the line comment shortcut will comment out the entire line your cursor is in (...


How to Comment in VS Code - The VSCode Comment Shortcut

Changing the comment key binds in VS Code 1. Open the command input 2. Type in "keyboard" and select "Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts" 3. Find "Toggle...


All about Excel Comments (Notes): Shortcut Keys, Customize ...

To insert a comment using a keyboard shortcut, select the appropriate cell and press Shift-F2. An easy way to remember this keyboard shortcut; the F2 key edits...Duration: 7:48Posted: Feb 16, 2019


how to comment in html shortcut code example | Newbedev

//To comment a block of code in one go, try Ctrl + K, and the Ctrl + C to //comment or Ctrl + U to uncomment. //Pro-Tip: You can also do it without unpressing...


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